Monday, January 17, 2011

Green History of Golden Globes

While some of Hollywood's leading ladies looked stunning in green last night, it was more than a dress color. Since 2007 the award show has been taking steps to becoming more environmentally friendly and this year was no different.

In 2007 they hosted their first eco-friendly after party, it was called the "Greenest Party on Earth". Furniture was made from reclaimed wood, the decorations were recycled, and all the food was organic. In addition, a tree was planted for every guest in attendance to curb the celebration's carbon footprint.

In 2008, the Golden Globes featured bottled water from "Park City Ice Water". This company uses 75% less energy in making water bottles due to their bag-like feature. The best feature of the water bottle is it is 100% recyclable, including the cap.

2009 was the year Pierce Brosnan arrived in the BMW Hydrogen 7 vehicle. It has the capability to be zero-emission because of the dual-fuel hydrogen technology. The combustion engine burns gasoline and hydrogen, it maximizes the car's performance.

While the Golden Globes did not make any environmental strides in 2010, it didn't stop celebrities from wearing eco-friendly designs. Anna Paquin wore a Stella McCartney dress- a designer praised for her environmental approach to fashion. Alec Baldwin completely skipped the Golden Globes to host the Annual Waterkepper Alliance Dinner in Canada, which promotes the protection of the world's water.

The Golden Globes made a come back in 2011 by using using Altergy zero-emission Earthsmart portable lighting on the red carpet. These powerful plasma lights can illuminate a space equivalent to a football field with their hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Let's hope the Golden Globes will continue to make environmental strides in future award shows and other award shows will follow suit.

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