Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Phoenix Open Recycling Tips

This year the Waste Management Phoenix Open, also known as the “Greatest Show On Grass” is expecting half a million fans for 2011. The Phoenix Open is an annual golf tournament, part of the televised PGA Tour series. The event is heavily rooted in charity; they raised $4,429, 266.00 last year.

This year recycling is a main goal, their approach is to educate attendees on what can and cannot be recycled. Here are the tips posted on the WM Phoenix Open Blog:
1. All plastic bottles are recyclable—make sure to put your water bottles, soda containers, and other plastic products in the green recycling container.

2. Pour out extra liquid in the food waste bin before putting plastic bottles in the recycling container. Liquids contaminate the recycle stream, and even a little bit can damage the materials, which means they can no longer be recycled.

3. Plastic plates and clam shells are recyclable. Make sure to scrape off any excess food into the waste bin before putting plastic plates in the recycle bin.

4. All paper plates and cups should be placed in the WASTE bin! These products, along with food waste from the tournament, will be turned into high-quality compost.

5. If you have any questions—don’t hesitate to ask a Recycling Ambassador for help!

In addition to these great recycling tips, there will also be recycling stations, GreenOps kiosks, and recycling ambassadors
Food & Beverage- the recycling stations will available in the “high-traffic areas” such as the Corporate Village and Food Court. These stations will have two bins; one for recycling and one for food waste, both will have adequate signage.
Get rewarded- by using the GreenOps Recycling Kiosks you will get coupons for discounts or prizes from participating vendors. There will be 12 units total and they look like regular soda machines with an instruction screen. There will be a kiosk at the entrance of the Waste Management Expo area as well.  
Ask for help- as mentioned in tip number five, there will be Recycling Ambassadors to answer your questions about what to throw away and what to recycle.
The Waste Management Group is taking great steps to ensure recycling at this year’s Phoenix Open. I know I am looking forward to the event, I hope to see all of you there!

Dates are January 31-February 6, 2011
For more information, please visit: www.wastemanagementphoenixopen.com
Special thanks to Rob Meyers, Media Relations Director, for letting me use their blog content.

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