Monday, February 14, 2011

Go Green this Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to our readers.

I hope you are enjoying the holiday. Below are three simple ways to be green today!

1. Cook a romantic dinner
Avoid crowded, expensive restaurants and cook a meal with your significant other. Have fun in the privacy of your own home; reduce your carbon footprint by staying in and try using some organic ingredients. Check out these sites for some delicious dishes.

Food Network
Organic Authority
All Recipes

2. Send an E-card
Instead of leaving a paper trail with envelopes and stamps, send a Valentine's Day card digitally. Think about it- they end of going in the trash anyway. Most cards aren't recyclable because of the print. Try websites such as:

American Greeting Cards
Blue Mountain
Some Ecards

3. Gift Locally:
Instead of buying over-priced and over-processed flowers, buy locally. Visit farmer's markets and local shops to reduce pesticides and transport costs.

Organic Bouquet
Local Harvest
Agricultural Marketing Services

How did you spend your Valentines Day?

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