Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Guide to LED Rebates in San Diego

Learn everything you need to know about LED rebates in San Diego.

Did you know that San Diego Gas and Electric has LED lighting rebates that will pay for your business to get these energy saving bulbs?

In fact, some types of lights can even be completely free after the rebates are applied. But only if you find the right products and correctly file your application. 

SDG&E LED Rebates for Businesses

Getting rebates for your new led lights can be daunting (just take a look at the program information), but it doesn't have to be. Here's a quick summary of some of the rebates offered by SDG&E (Note: this is as of this writing, and could be changed in the future).

Bulb type Instant Rebate Amount Final Price
Nularis LED MR16 $12.50$0.00
Nularis LED PAR20 $12.50$0.00
Nularis LED PAR30 $7.50$7.50
Nularis LED PAR38 $20.00$0.00
Nularis LED A19 $12.50$0.00

As you can see from the table, many of the LEDs would actually be paid for completely by the the SDG&E rebates. 

How to Get The Rebates

While you can of course purchase lights and file and for the rebates yourself, the easiest and best way is to go with a company like Nularis LED Lighting. Nularis will send you the products without charging you, then take care of the paperwork and wait to be reimbursed via the rebates from SDG&E. This way you get high quality lights, without having to pay up first, or dealing with all of the paperwork. The best part is that Nularis won't charge you anything additional to deal with the paperwork.

Want to get your lights? Don't live in San Diego? No problem. Nularis operates all around the country. Just visit and enter your zip code to qualify.

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